Proud to Serve: The Men and Women of the U.S. Army

Proud To Serve: The Men and Women of the U.S. Army salutes the men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting the United States. Through reflections and personal stories of sacrifice and service, this program profiles the camaraderie and pride shared among those who engage in active combat. It also illustrates the lives of those who work behind the scenes such as clerks, translators, and mechanics.

Written, Produced and Directed by

Andrew Goldberg


Aneetha Rajan


Todd C. Richman

Researcher/Production Associate

Jennifer Friedlin

Production Assistant

Tammy Li

Hosted by

Walter Cronkite

Original Musical Compositions and Adaptations

John Rinehimer

Directors of Photography

Zachary Levy, Doulgas Wallick, Jim Zinkowski, Wayne Baumgardner, Jim Daly and Scot Page


Mary Kaigler-Schaffer, Tami Coleman, Darryl Mitchell, Mark Maloof, Jason Griffith, Mike Tyrey, Tom Bergin and Dave Swanson

Still Image Animation and Retouching

Mitch Butler

Additional Writer

Phyllis Magida

Additional Editor

Benjamin Brown

Assistant Camera

Chris Green

For American Public Television

Executive in Charge, Eric Luskin, Andrea Hanson, Susana Fernandes, and Judy Barlow