The Jewish Journey: America

The Jewish Journey: America explores what it meant to be part of a tight-knit Jewish community and make the heartbreaking choice to leave family behind, whether for economic opportunity or to escape persecution. Incredible archival photographs and footage bring to life the personal stories of first to fourth generation Americans who took a leap of faith and made it to America however they could.

Written, Produced and Directed by

Andrew Goldberg

Editor and Producer

Jane C. Wagner

Associate Producer

Alessandra Belizzia


Martha Teichner

Additional Editor and Music Supervisor

Jodi Gibson

Directors of Photography

Claudia Raschke-Robinson and James Fideler

Senior Production Coordinator

Chantal Krivopisk

Assistant Editor

Keaton Monger

Additional Assistant Editors

Svetlana Finelt and Will Vaughan

Additional Photography

Robert Hanna and Greg Andracke

Sound Recordists

Mark Maloof, Dave Curtin, Jonathan Jackson, Phil Shipman and Andrew Barker

Additional Archivist

Bill Morrow

Production Assistants

Bruce Bigelow, Juan Robles, Evan Watson, Audra Epstein, Max Arias


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